SIP  PABX  with Credit Card Payment gateway


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Simple Point to Point VoIP Link

This is a useful application for a business to sell subscriptions, Calling Cards, Tickets etc by an automated telephone service. Customers can buy them over the phone.

This module can be associated with an IP PABX and customised to give additional benefits by providing a secured link to a credit card payment gateway of a bank.

The Interactive Voice Response System can be customised to play instructions prompting callers to carryout various business related tasks. As an example, this solution can be easily configured to sell tickets, vouchers, Calling Cards, Subscriptions etc.  The benefit of using the credit card payment gateway will give the benefit of lower transaction fees for the sellers.

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This is a very simple solution to better utilise a phone service of a SME/SOHO situation, where you need access to your phone system from multiple locations, office, warehouse,  home or a satellite office.

The main office can be linked with any other place via a VoIP link and a telephone extension of the main office can be connected so that all your calls can be forwarded to the selected location. In addition you can make calls via the main office phone line so that all business calls are made from your office account.

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2012 Inventech Australia  Pty Ltd.  All rights reserved.
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As a systems integrator Inventech has developed number of popular solutions for customers. Among them the cost effective IP PABX and SIP /ISDN Gateway have number of satisfied users.
The SIP based solutions we have developed are based on industry standard, commercially available computer hardware and interface modules with Australian Industry approval. Therefore interoperability with Australian telecommunication network is guaranteed.

Our PABX Solutions are suitable for offices with 20 up to 100 subscribers. Our solution has been stress tested for speech quality under fully loaded traffic conditions. To develop a customised solution for your business requirement at minimum cost, please contact our expert team to discuss and develop a system within your targeted timeframe.

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